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1. Cover the frying pan with Best Joy during preparation of fried eggs. As a result, the eggs will easily slide off the pan, straight onto the toast. Additionally, cleaning of the frying pan will be very easy.

2. Spray slightly the inside of the baking sleeve with Best Joy before adding the stuffing you prepared, for easier emptying of the sleeve after preparation of the meal.

3. Cover the blades of the food processor or blender with Best Joy to easily clean them after finishing cooking.

4. Spray the inside of the measuring cup before measuring the ingredients for baking or cooking in order to avoid the ingredients sticking to the surface and to facilitate cleaning.

5. In order for the additional ingredients to tightly stick to the meals, use the Best Joy oil on bread, muffins or vegetables and sprinkle them with your favourite spices and herbs.

6. When making pizza, the Cooking Spray will not only help to soften the dough and retain moisture, but it will also prevent sticking.

7. Before cooking noodles, spray them lightly with the Cooking Spray to avoid the individual noodles sticking to each other.

8. Before roasting vegetables, spray them with the Cooking Spray so that they keep their flavour, are juicier and do not stick to each other.

9. Use the Cooking Spray on French fries, potato moons or slices to obtain a golden colour during baking.

10. Before putting chicken or turkey into the oven, spray it slightly with the Cooking Spray in order to obtain a succulent, golden colour.